How to use prefill fields

Each field has a paramter name and a value. Add paramaters to the end of the link. For example, to pre-set the description, use: Description/

There are also some options you can preset, for example, simple or advanced mode. They are set in the same way, like this:

These settings can have defaults set (in the demo, Advanced is the demo). Whatever you pass in the link will override the defaults.

To set multiple fields, just add each field to the link, like this: Description/simple/true/

In the Simple version, the name and description fields are hidden. If prefilled, they will still be set - you just can’t see them there.

Available Fields

Parameter Title Description
amount Order Amount The order amount. If no other fields are set, you can set this without the paramter, eg
name Customer Name Will appear in your Stripe Dashboard (and our dashboard, when it's available)
description Order Description Will appear on the customer receipt
email Customer Email Address Receipt will be sent to this address

Setting Fields

These are set the same way as the prefill fields above.

Parameter Name Description Available Options Default
simple Mode Show Simple or Advanced mode true (Simple mode) / false (Advanced mode) User set
readonly Set Read Only Sets editable fields all (Make all fields readonly) / set (Make prefilled fields readonly) / false (All fields are editable) false
email_required Require Email Requires entering an email address for a receipt true (An email address must be entered) / false (Email field can be left blank) false

Redirect URI

The one exception is the redirect_uri. This is passed as a GET variable, so:

This must be at the end of the link, for example:

This will only prefill the amount, then redirect (after payment) to The description will not be filled:

The user will be redirected five seconds after successful payment.

The redirect time is currently not configurable, but may be in the future.

Payment ID

If forwarding the payment ID is enabled (this cannot be set with the link for security reasons), the payment ID from Stripe (or your payment processor of choice) will be passed to your redirect_uri via GET as gopaynow_payment_id.